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A New Video Series To Help Plan Your Wedding!

A New Video Series To Help Plan Your Wedding!

Eeep, I can't believe I'm putting this out there!! Here we go!! My very first, sorta, video post!! Since the beginning of the year I've been brainstorming with ideas of sharing more about how I help my couples plan and prepare for the wedding day. And while a written blog post is great, I thought it would be more helpful to talk with you via video about some of the questions couples have when planning for the day. That is how Wedding Essentials was born. 

Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing new videos with tips and tools on how to best plan and prepare for the wedding day. Everything from planning your wedding day timeline to the First Look to who to include in your family portraits. The series will be geared mainly towards DZP Bride & Grooms, yet the information shared can be helpful to anyone planning their wedding day or to photographers who are walking alongside their own clients through the planning process.

I'm really excited to connect in such a personal way, so I hope you'll join the conversation and utlize the comment section, either in the video or in this post!! As always I would love to tailor the content to YOU so if you have any questions, feel free to leave them here and I'll do my best to answer them throughout the series!!

This week I'm introducing you to my heart behind Wedding Esseentials, next week I'll be sharing about how to stay connected through the photographic exeprience!! I can't wait to connect with you!!